Writing one hit song can transform your music career, but writing hit song after hit song can make you a legendary artist who rakes in millions of dollars per year…

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I Told 4 Friends Who Started a Band That I Could Teach Them To Write Better Songs and That the Songs They Wrote Would Become Hits…

They All Laughed at Me…

Then I Showed Them How To Write Hit Songs Every Time Guaranteed, Their First CD Produced Six Hits, They’re Currently on an International Tour, and They Make More Money in Their First Full Year as a Band Than Most Bands Ever Do –

"Great Songs Sell Themselves!
- Everybody Loves a Good Song"

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Dear Friend,


I have to tell you that the music industry loves to keep the success-making secrets to themselves, not wanting the majority of people like you to find out exactly how easy it is to succeed in the biz as an artist and/or songwriter if you use their secrets to writing hit songs.  


But I have good news!


I managed to sit down with a few of the best songwriters in the industry and got them to tell me exactly how they manage to write hit songs nearly every time!   I’ve compiled this info for you, to tell you how to make thousands of dollars and get legions of fans just from one song you wrote using their formula!  


Best of all, I’m going to share all the info I’ve learned with you for free when you request info on “EZ Hit Songs.” 


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“I’m a guitar player.  That’s just who I am and I’m good at it.  But I’m also a songwriter.  The only problem was I was featuring too many instrumentals that were way too long.  My listeners wanted lyrics and I took forever to get to those.  Now I know exactly how to balance my guitar playing with the lyrics. One of the songs that I wrote after reading your report is getting airplay in my area like you wouldn’t believe!  Amazing, man!”

Jessie, Ontario, Canada


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